About R.O.C.K Ministries

As a child abuse investigator for 10 years, Pastor Chris Shelton recognized that the biggest problem was men not being husbands and fathers, but he also realized they hadn't been raised to be. He also realized there needed to be an environment where God could heal them and their families and build them up to help others do the same.


Pastor Chris has a vision of men and women being led to the Lord, built up, going out and leading others to do the same. He sees them starting successful businesses and restoring their families. He believes others with like hearts will come alongside and share that vision. "R.O.C.K. Ministries" was established toward that goal. Jesus loves you (John 3:16) and has a good plan for your life (Jer. 29:11)!


R.O.C.K. Ministries is a Bible believing, faith based, "cross-denominational" (we preach "THE CROSS" across denominations - if we've accepted Jesus as Lord then we're all of His Kingdom), Arkansas registered non-profit Church organization recognized by the IRS.