A Word About healing


Follow your doctor’s advice… if you’re not happy with your doctor, find one that you are happy with, but work with your doctor (God uses doctors too and a doctor can verify your healing. Don’t forget to give Jesus the credit. Doctors need to hear this too).

Illness loves processed sugar.  Your body loves oxygen.  Avoid processed sugars as much as possible.  If you want something sweet, eat fruit or honey.  As much as possible eat food as close as possible to how God made it.  Practice correct deep breathing at least three times a day (fresh air if possible), but as much as possible (fill your lower lungs to the top through your nose, hold twice as long as you breathed in, then breathe out through your mouth completely).  Before and after you do your deep breathing, recite your healing scriptures (below) out loud.
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine (Proverbs 17:22)… Find movies that make you feel good and laugh.  Watch at least one a day and as often as possible.  The same is true with good music.  It is also good to listen to and watch Christian programs that talk about God’s power & healing.  The Bible says to stir up your faith (2 Timothy 1:6).  Resist fear (James 4:7).  God works in faith not fear (Hebrews 11:1).  To avoid wrong preaching always make sure that the main message is about Jesus!
Practice communion daily.  This is intimate time with the Lord and where Jesus was, there was healing.
Go to your health food store and get ESIAC tea.  This is a natural herbal tea used by Native Americans for centuries.  In Ez. 47:12 we're told, "and the leaf thereof for medicine" (FYI, aspirin came from Native American medicine using willow bark).  My aunt with inoperable lung cancer has survived many years with prayer & Esiac tea (she still has a doctor, but gives the credit to God).
Find Bible verses that speak to you & claim them for yourself, but here are some to get you started:
James 5:15 – And the prayer of faith SHALL save the sick.
1 Peter 2:24 – By whose stripes ye WERE healed.
Psalm 30:2 – Oh Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and Thou HAST healed me.
We come in agreement with you (Matthew 18:19) for your healing and look forward to hearing your testimony praising Jesus!