Why I Believe


As a young man in the military, I began to see that our lives were a reflection of our beliefs. I decided that I wanted to know why I believed in something, so I began to study my beliefs. I also decided that I would use a scientific process of observation and logic to determine what I would believe. I began by making an honest evaluation of myself and then evaluated my beliefs beginning with the most important which I determined to be those relating to God. I reasoned that the best way to learn about anyone was to examine their results. Therefore, I should be able to learn about God by examining what he created. If I satisfied myself that God was real, then it only made sense that he would provide his guidance for our lives and I would only need to determine what that was. If I determined that God wasn’t real, then I would lead my life as I saw fit. This however struck me as being a very unfulfilling thing. Fortunately; upon examination of our physical environment, I quickly discovered that it took less faith to believe in a creator than not.

Darwin theorized that all life originated from a “big bang” (from what would be a logical question). This life then “evolved” over time from simplistic organisms to what we recognize today. Liberal “educators” in the most unscientific manner, have attempted to instruct this theory as if it were a fact. The reason for this is simple. If you ultimately believe in God, then you logically should seek his will before your own, which is something they weren’t willing to do. If Darwin’s theories were correct, there should be bountiful evidence often described as “missing links”. There have in fact been none. And although sparsely publicized, Darwin himself later said, “To suppose that the eye could have been formed by natural selection seems I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree.” Not only should there be bountiful evidence of missing links, but wouldn’t it be logical that the process was also happening in various forms on other planets around us. If there was any substance in the theory of evolution, it should also be occurring in differing forms on planets all around us as well. We know this isn’t the case on any other planet in our solar system.
It is in fact quite miraculous that there is any life on our planet. If we were any farther from the sun our climate would be too cold to sustain life as we know it. If we were any closer to the sun, it would be too hot. This is also true of our atmosphere. If our planet wasn’t tilted in just the right rotation, there would be no seasons and without a moon which is just the right size, distance and orbit, we wouldn’t have the tidal currents which keep our oceans from becoming stagnant and dead. I believe what Darwin mistook as evolution was actually a well planned ecosystem with vastly varying forms of life. Albert Einstein said, “Everyone who is seriously interested in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe -- a spirit vastly superior to man, and one in the face of which our modest powers must feel humble.” Surely, there would be a purpose in such a tremendous creation. And surely that Creator would provide us with that knowledge. This leads us to the Bible.
The Bible is actually a book of collected writings. The authors ranged from shepherds and fisherman to kings. The claim of this book is that it was written through the inspiration of God. The bona fides are that regardless of the differences in the authors and times, there is one consistent message throughout. The historical events were witnessed, recorded and even after 2000 years have not been disproved. I know you’ve heard that there are inconsistencies in the Bible, but I can attest that I have read the Bible and have found it to be entirely consistent. I have also found that those individuals who claim inconsistency either haven’t read the Bible in its entirety or have not considered the historical context. A specific example of this is the verse which states, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”. Taken out of historical context, it sounds as if a rich man can’t enter which doesn’t make sense. However, when you consider the historical context that “the eye of a needle” was the name given to a small entrance into the city of Jerusalem, things make sense. A traveler coming from that direction had a choice of either traveling around to the city’s main entrance (not a short trip) or he could remove everything from his camel, bring the camel through the small entrance and then place everything back on the camel on the other side.
So the Bible is a guide for us to learn about God and his purpose for our lives. What is God’s purpose? He created us to be His children. He wanted our love to be our own choice, so we were given a free will. Bad things can’t be blamed on God. They are the results of mankind’s free will. Greed has caused wars, hunger and our environment and food to be filled with chemicals which cause cancer. Immoral behavior poisons families and spreads deadly venereal diseases. Drunkenness has caused countless traffic fatalities and ruined lives. Free will is a two-edged sword. If we have a choice, we also have the consequences of those choices. Not only of our own choices, but of those around and before us as well. Just as those after us will either suffer from our choices or be blessed by them. God promises however, that He will soon be taking those who have chosen to love him and will create a new kingdom where there will be no more sorrow or death.   We shall be His children and He will be our God.
I hope you’ve decided that you want to be a part of God’s family, but there is a problem. God is a loving Father, but He is also a holy and righteous God. We have all sinned and the penalty for sin is separation from God and death. There is good news though. God loved us so much that he became a man (Jesus), lived a perfect life (attested to by witnesses in the Bible) and allowed His mortal body to be killed in our place (God then raised Him from the dead showing His power over death). He paid the penalty for our sins Himself, so that those of us who chose to love and follow God could be pardoned through His sacrifice. If you wish to be pardoned through His sacrifice and become one of His children, you need only believe that Jesus died for you (in your place), repent of your sin and ask God for His forgiveness through Jesus. Do it in your own words, do it in your heart, do it where ever you are (God can hear you), but do it.
If you’ve made that commitment, then the angels in heaven are rejoicing. The Bible says they do that. Talk with God each day in prayer so that your relationship with Him will grow. Get a Bible and read from it each day so that you can learn more about God. He often answers your prayers through His word in the Bible. Find a Bible believing church and attend regularly for support and strength. Seek God’s guidance and be prepared to share why you believe. May God bless and guide you. In Jesus’ name, amen.